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LaToya Jackson scene cut from Brüno

In the wake of Michael Jackson’s death yesterday afternoon, the makers of Sasha Baron Cohen’s upcoming provocation Brüno hastily cut a scene featuring the singer’s sister LaToya prior to the premiere at Mann’s Chinese Theater. (The timing was so short notice that the cut was made in the projection booth.) Based on the reports from earlier screenings of the film, the scene feature Cohen’s flamboyant fashionista interviewing LaToya while surreptitiously scrolling through her cell phone contacts looking for Michael’s number. No word yet on whether the scene will be excised when the film hits theaters on July 10th or perhaps saved for the inevitable three-disc “unrated” DVD edition.

More on the story from The Wrap’s Sharon Waxman, who broke the story and touted her get with a GIGANTIC HEADLINE DISPROPORTIONATE TO THE STORY’S IMPORTANCE.


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