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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Endeavoring to wring all the juice he can out of his podcasting life, Kevin Smith will develop a late-night TV show for AMC based on his weekly Hollywood Babble-On podcast, in which he and Ralph Garman discuss the latest news about celebrities and movies. (Was Movie Poop Shoot taken?) This won’t be news to those who follow Smith and his hockey jerseys closely: As a guy who never plays it close to the vest, he announced conversations with the network back in 2012, then last year alluded to the fact that the show was dead. But Variety is reporting that the show is moving forward at AMC, alongside a slate that includes the previously reported Walking Dead spinoff, a scripted John Leguizamo comedy, and a reality show about wrestling starring Billy Corgan. (In other words: good company.) Other Smith projects in the works include a movie based on something he read about in an online classified, and of course Clerks III; whether that’s a Weinstein joint or a self-financed thing apparently remains to be seen.


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