The sound of Late Bloomer’s sophomore album Things Change is one that’s heavily indebted to SST Records’ golden era. Guitarist Neil Mauney splits the difference Bob Mould and J. Mascis with every flick of his fingers, cribbing a bit from these guitar heroes but never projecting the feeling that Late Bloomer is failing to stand on its own feet. “Dr. Abernathy” is Things Change's standout, as it exemplifies the band’s ability to dole out classic indie-rock flairs while working toward its own thesis. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Dr. Abernathy,” which sees a backyard party presented through a fisheye lens, featuring enough distorted colors to make it feel like it’s playing straight of a decaying VHS tape, as friends jump joyously on trampolines and the band occasionally has its performance disrupted by a pesky puppet.

Watch the video for “Dr. Abernathy” below, and physical copies of Things Change can be had through Self Aware Records.


Late Bloomer - Dr. Abernathy from easy blake on Vimeo