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Last Vegas is getting a sequel, because of money

Fans of watching venerated Hollywood actors collect their paychecks can rejoice: Last Vegas is getting a sequel. The original movie—which featured Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline imagining what The Hangover would be like with more jokes about aching hips—earned $134 million at the box office worldwide. That’s well beyond its $28 million production budget, so a sequel was inevitable. That is, assuming all the stars were alive to make one, and probably even if they weren’t.

The new movie will see the quartet return to the Brooklyn neighborhood where they first met, only to find that it’s changed since they grew up there, what with the increased gentrification and those crazy things the kids are wearing these days, and so on and so forth. Producers hope to bring back Jon Turteltaub to direct, and in the meantime they’ve hired new writers David Diamond and David Weissman to script. The pair’s previous credits include movies like When In Rome, Evolution, and the similarly themed Old Dogs, the latter being the final stop on anyone’s journey to see Robin Williams and John Travolta try and raise twin boys together. CBS Films’ rush to get Last Vegas 2 made does indicate that there’s a market for movies directed at senior citizens—something people with slightly more passion may want to note before Last Vegas 3 gets the green light.


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