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Last night's Super Bowl was the most-watched television program ever, until next year

It's got an official press release and everything: Super Bowl XLV was the most-watched program in the history of U.S. television until the next one, scoring an average of 111 million viewers and smashing last year’s Super Bowl record of 106.5 million viewers, which in turn bested the record 106 million viewers that M*A*S*H’s season finale hung onto for 27 years. It was good news for Fox, who had their most-watched night of prime time ever, and managed to retain a series-best number of around 26.5 million viewers for Glee. And of course, it was one of those rare shared cultural moments, where an entire nation, regardless of race or creed, was united in watching Christina Aguilera essentially defile the grave of every dead American soldier, Cameron Diaz feed popcorn to Alex Rodriguez, and the Black Eyed Peas doing what Christina Aguilera did to those soldiers’ graves again but with music. (Although, taking into consideration the size of the venue and the record number of people watching at home, you have to admit that both Aguilera and the Peas had to contend with enormous pressure—or at least, that’s what Fergie is saying, insisting to The Hollywood Reporter, “We’re human.” Uh, prove it.)


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