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Last night's SNL sort of sucked, but that "Lollipop" sketch was pretty sweet

Heidi Gardner, Don Cheadle, Beck Bennett
Screenshot: Saturday Night Live

“Grr, how do you waste Don Cheadle?,” growled a frustrated nation of Saturday Night Live viewers after last night’s pedestrian outing. But there were a few bright spots (including a killer set from musical guest Gary Clark Jr.), none brighter and sillier than a sketch where a roadhouse fistfight is temporarily derailed by one particularly catchy earworm. WARNING: The name of said song will be revealed below, along with the clip in which said song—equal measures hooky and irritating—will be undoubtedly played by the reader. If you don’t want said song stuck in your head, turn back now and don’t come crying to us about it later.

With Cheadle and Beck Bennett’s roughnecks getting into the preliminaries of your typically pointless drunken macho scuffle, an errant button-press spins not Bennett’s favorite bar-fighting jukebox anthem (because of course he has one), but Mika’s maddeningly hummable 2007 bubblegum hit “Lollipop.” Cheadle and Bennett both find their characters unable to resist the hypnotically repetitive melody, their lurching boxers’ stances transforming almost imperceptibly into unbidden hip-swaying. With the pair still exchanging threats and insults in between ensuring that they know the song and artist for later, the song comes to its big finish only to see the whole dingy bar (and its dingier patrons) break out into impromptu, spontaneously choreographed dance. It’s the sort of goofy, infectious little trifle of a sketch that’ll get stuck in your head as much as that particular song just has. You were warned.


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