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Last night’s Simpsons episode set an all-time ratings low

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Given that The Simpsons has been long been on the decline in the eyes of critics and fans, it’s only logical that it will routinely set new records for all-time low ratings as it carries on. Season 22’s “The Great Simpsina” last held the title, but last night’s episode, “What To Expect When Bart’s Expecting,” dropped ratings to a new low, nabbing only 3.4 million viewers in the show’s Sunday night slot. Yet, even as the pull of the Simpsons name continues to diminish, it still was still Fox’s second best performer on Sunday, coming in second to Family Guy. What’s more, The Simpsons also trumped other network television Sunday night competition like The Good Wife and Revenge to prove that, even as it falters, it’s still asserting dominance over its long-held time slot, if not over Game Of Thrones and Mad Men. The long-term effects of this ratings drop won’t immediately affect the series, as The Simpsons has already been picked up for a 26th season, giving it plenty of chances to set an even lower ratings record next year.


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