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Last-minute Halloween costume suggestions: A genuine Lady Gaga meat dress, or much cheaper print-out masks of Nick Cave, Morrissey, M.I.A., and more

We’re two days out from Halloween and time is running out to pick a costume, unless you plan on just doing something like slapping on a witch hat and calling yourself Christine O’Donnell. (Note: It’s not even Halloween yet, and we are already tired of this, just on principle.) Hey, have you considered spending $100,000 on a genuine replica of Lady Gaga’s VMA meat dress? For that totally reasonable price for a Halloween costume, New York’s Old Homestead Steakhouse will fashion you an 85-pound version made of “rib-eye leggings, Kobe beef boots and a necklace made of marrow bones,” which also includes “a designer goody bag filled with filet mignon, chocolate sauce, Kobe burgers, and candy corn.” Although, didn’t Coco Chanel say that before leaving the house you should remove one thing? We’d probably remove the Kobe burgers. Just seems a little redundant.

Anyway, Old Homestead owner Marc Sherry says that even though $100, 000 seems like a lot, if you just “wear it for an hour” then put the whole thing in your freezer, “you might have enough meat for six months.” Yeah, uh, meat that’s been fondled by a few dozen of your grubby friends squeezing in for Facebook photos. No thanks. Sherry also said that the dress is made of pure USDA Prime beef, as he “wanted it not to be a cheap skirt steak. I wanted it to be a cut above." Get it? “Skirt’? “Cut above”? He’s having fun today.


Of course, $100,000 is an awful lot to dress like one of this year’s most pervasive memes, especially when you could just opt for one of these officially sanctioned Lady Gaga costumes for a whole lot less. Or not dress like Lady Gaga at all. That is also an option. And if you’re looking for a music-related costume to counteract the inevitable flood of Gagas and Katy Perrys you’re bound to see this year, you can manifest your music snobbery with these print-out masks of a few less-predictable artists like Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham, Diamond Rings, Morrissey, Kanye West, Nick Cave, and M.I.A. Just think of all the fun you could have getting away with saying racist things behind your Morrissey mask, or clutching a bag of “truffle fries” as M.I.A., or explaining to every single person you meet that no, you’re Arcade Fire's Win Butler, not "greasy Ryan Gosling." [HT to Pitchfork]