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Last Man Standing has fallen

Last Man Standing

In a crushing blow for red-blooded American men all across this manly nation of ours, ABC has wimped out and canceled Last Man Standing. This comes from Entertainment Weekly, which says those dweebs and nerds who keep track of ratings claim that Last Man Standing had “modest” viewership for its whole six-season run, even though there’s nothing “modest” about a true, grunting American like Last Man Standing star Tim Allen. If anything, the show’s average 8.1 million viewers per episode were probably too intimidating for ABC, so the network got scared. Or maybe it couldn’t handle the way Allen tells it like it is, like when he joked that being a manly Republican in Hollywood is a lot like living in Germany in the 1930s.

Manliness aside, EW notes that Last Man Standing has been “on the bubble” since it premiered in 2011, but its mediocre ratings finally caught up with it. The story also notes that there’s no word on ABC’s other Friday night comedy, Dr. Ken, but the night is still young.


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