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Last chance to plan your Thanksgiving marathon viewing

Every year, our network overlords correctly assume that over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we will be too blown out from overeating and summoning the will to not murder our relatives to do anything other than sit in front of the television for hours and hours.  So they helpfully program blocks and blocks of thematically linked programming to give this behavior a structure, if not a purpose, and as a signal that irony is not yet dead, the terminally slothful non-activity is referred to as a "marathon".

TV Guide has helpfully assembled a, well, TV guide to the holiday weekend marathon programming for those who want to plan their failure to move around in advance.  Here's some that may be of particular interest to A.V. Club readers:

  • Friday, 8AM-7PM, Discovery:  Mythbusters marathon
  • Friday/Saturday, 5AM-1:30AM, TLC:  Cake Boss marathon
  • Friday/Saturday, 8AM-2:30AM, Travel Channel:  Man Vs. Food marathon
  • Friday/Saturday, 10:30AM-3:30AM CST, AMC:  Godfather marathon
  • Saturday, 5AM-5:30PM, USA:  Burn Notice marathon
  • Saturday, 7AM-1PM, TV Land:  I Dream Of Jeannie marathon
  • Saturday, 7AM-7PM, The History Channel:  Pawn Stars marathon
  • Saturday, 8AM-6:30PM, BET:  The Bernie Mac Show marathon
  • Saturday, 8AM-8PM, G4:  Heroes marathon
  • Saturday, 9AM-7PM, SyFy:  James Bond movie marathon
  • Saturday, 10AM-7PM, TBS:  Seinfeld marathon
  • Saturday, 10AM-9PM, Oxygen:  America's Next Top Model marathon
  • Sunday, 4AM-9:30AM, AMC:  Three Stooges marathon

Actually, we're just kidding about some of those.  We know no A.V. Club readers would ever want to watch a Heroes marathon.  But whatever you do, have a great Thanksgiving holiday, folks.