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"Last Airbender" teaser trailer released, doesn't entirely suck

Ever since it was announced that M. Night Shyamalan's next project would be a live-action, big-screen remake/adaptation of the thoroughly excellent animated TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender, fan anticipaton and irritation has run high on the Internet, which has never known to be calm about such things. But given Shyamalan's mixed post-Sixth Sense track record, and in particular his signature airless, super-tense, ultra-serious style, it's hard to know what he'll make of a series that memorably mixed light-heartedness and gentle sentiment with its drama. It's also hard to understand why this film even needs to be made; for Avatar fans, it's a little like hearing that Adam Shankman has been signed to direct a film remake — not a continuation, a remake — of The Wire.

But that said, this just-released teaser trailer actually showcases a fairly interesting look and feel for the film. Who knows what bearing it'll have on the final product, but at least it doesn't necessarily guarantee a year and a half of anticipatory cringing to come.

More early looks, including early publicity stills and shots from the set, are available at the fan site lastairbenderfilm.com.


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