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Though it was somewhat overshadowed by Lars Von Trier’s efforts to rid the world of all its silly hang-ups about Nazis, the director spent much of his Melancholia press junkets teasing his next project, a film that he’s described as “a porn film” featuring “a lot of very, very unpleasant sex,” as sex in a Lars Von Trier film only could be. We’ve since learned a few more details about it—such as that it’s called The Nymphomaniac, it will concern the “erotic life of a woman from the age of zero to the age of 50,” and it will be shot in both softcore and hardcore versions, the latter featuring plenty of explicit scenes of penetration. And while that penetration may or may not involve the director’s returning muse Charlotte Gainsbourg, it definitely won’t involve one of his other favorite players, Stellan Skarsgard, as the actor relates to The Playlist the story of how Von Trier offered him the role with the admonition, “But you will not get to fuck in the film… But you will show your dick at the end, and it will be very floppy.” And thus Skarsgård, like the world, immediately signed up.


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