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Larry Wilmore takes the edge off his last week with some wine from Samantha Bee

(Screenshot: Comedy Central)

Samantha Bee proved once again that she’s the late night host we’d most like to get drunk with by sending Larry Wilmore the perfect cancellation gift: A shit ton of wine. Wilmore thanked Bee and the Full Frontal team for their thoughtful present in an Instagram, writing “Thanks for the cases of wine Jo Miller, @iamsambee and everyone at Full Frontal. We love you too!”


Then, on air, he demonstrated what good use he was making of the libations. “We were going to write this big fun show, right? But, you know, kind of due to the general ennui of having just been canceled, general laziness, and the fact that Sam Bee sent us like three cases of wine,” he said in his opening. Then he pulled out a glass of red with a hefty pour: “I have already started drinking, so you may see me full frontal out on the street later.” Wilmore took a sip and praised the nectar that is “basic cable wine.” It tastes sweeter coming from TBS than it does from Comedy Central, doesn’t it?

Wilmore’s last show is on Thursday. We assume he and his staff will have imbibed everything Bee sent by then.

[via Entertainment Weekly]


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