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Larry Wilmore refused to buy into Bill Maher’s buddy-buddy bullshit on tonight’s Real Time

(Image: HBO)

Bill Maher’s much-touted Real Time interview with “alt-right” hatemonger Milo Yiannopoulos happened tonight, and it played out exactly how you’d expect: Yiannopoulos peddled his usual mixture of self-aggrandizement, half-hearted “It’s just a joke!” defenses, and vicious attacks on celebrity women like Lena Dunham and Leslie Jones, and Maher briefly tut-tutted before championing his new buddy as a paragon of free speech. Needless to say, the footage is out there on the internet for those seeking the bump in their blood pressure, mostly via YouTube feeds with names like TrumpFansForever and MakeAmericaPeachyFuckingKeen.

Luckily, HBO has also released footage of the one redeeming moment from the whole thing: former Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore ripping into Yiannopoulos’ bullshit about “protecting women and children” from the transgender people he chooses to publicly out during the show’s live-streamed “Overtime” segment. Wilmore started with some pointed questions that make it clear that he’s not buying into Maher’s asinine “We’re all fellow comedians here” rhetoric, and ended with a pair of impassioned “Go fuck yourself”s. We’ve cued the footage to start with the first of these, but be warned: You’re still going to catch some of Yiannopoulos’ schtick along the way.


[via Deadline]

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