(Screengrab: Conan)

Cable’s late-night hosts have been manning the fort while their broadcast-network counterparts take the week off for fireworks-related reasons (we assume). On Wednesday night, Conan O’Brien invited Larry King on the show to talk about the broadcasting legend’s latest endeavor—bedding. O’Brien brought up King’s all-cotton sheets, which make up his “Sleep Like A King” line. Neither the host nor his guest seemed to know much about linens—not even what a thread count is—but talk quickly turned to testing anyway.

King joined O’Brien and Andy Richter in a king-size (what else?) four-poster bed onstage, suspenders and all. Richter and King shared “I love you’s” while the Conan host observed how “fucking weird” his job is. The sheets turned out to be only 500-thread count, which isn’t exactly luxurious let alone regal, but they are currently on clearance. Unfortunately, the show went to break before we could learn who’s the big spoon(s).