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Larry David's HBO movie will also have Amy Ryan, Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Kate Hudson, J.B. Smoove, a lot more

The past months have seen more and more revelations about Larry David's once top-secret movie for HBO, beyond what you might have assumed from knowing it's a mostly improvised comedy of neurosis starring Larry David. And while it was recently, redundantly confirmed that David will star as a man—often riled by the little indignities of society, and bearing all sorts of suggestions for how it might fix itself—who becomes bitterly envious of another man's success, Deadline now has a lot more details for you.

So many details, in fact, that it almost negates even watching the Greg Mottola-directed movie, now titled Clear History, so we'll just stick to casting and let you decide how much you want spoiled for you. Amy Ryan, Bill Hader, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, and Philip Baker Hall have all joined the previously confirmed Jon Hamm—as David's rival, the founder of the now-billion-dollar electric car company David walked out on over a petty argument—and Michael Keaton, who plays the "erratic and eccentric" quarry operator on the island where Hamm attempts to renovate his summer mansion, and where David seeks his revenge. Even more interesting for Curb fans, J.B. Smoove co-stars as a guy who has plenty of reason to argue with David's character and probably say the word "ass." Also of note: The characters all have names like "Rolly DaVore," "Nathan Flomm," and "Joe Stumpo," suggesting maybe it also somehow takes place in the 1930s and that at least one of these jelly beans is gonna get the high hat.


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