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Larry David to piss off Jeff Tweedy on the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Photo: Mark Metcalfe (Getty Images)

The last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was largely built around the famously abrasive Larry David having to interact with the infinitely likable Lin-Manuel Miranda as they struggled to put together a musical based on the life of Salman Rushdie, with the two naturally getting roped into an Alexander Hamilton-style duel. For season 10, David is calling in another famous friend—though he is apparently actually Jeff Garlin’s famous friend. According to Variety, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy will be appearing in the news season, presumably as heightened, touchier version of himself. Tweedy previously appeared on Parks And Recreation as reclusive musician Scott Tanner (who was basically just Jeff Tweedy but he lived in Indiana), and he popped up in a few episodes of Portlandia as himself—or at least a low-key, quirkier version of himself, which is definitely not the same thing as playing the Curb version of yourself.

The new season of Curb won’t premiere until at least 2020.


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