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Larry David to host Saturday Night Live in February

Saturday Night Live

Traditionally, young people aren’t especially fond of grumpy old guys, but two grumpy old guys in particular have somehow managed to capture the hearts and minds of young people everywhere: Larry David and Senator Bernie Sanders. Saturday Night Live hit gold, then, when it convinced David to appear on the show as Sanders in a pair of episodes last fall, combining the “I’m old but I’m cool” shtick of both men into some pretty fun sketches. Now, as announced during the show last night, Larry David will be returning to SNL once again to host its February 6 episode with musical guest The 1975.

Considering how many times SNL has avoided doing something obvious in the past (zero times), David’s impression of Sanders will absolutely be making an appearance, but the real question is when the show will decide to put him to use. Will it take the easy path and get David do a political thing during the cold open? Will he appear alongside Beck Bennet and Kyle Mooney in some kind of bad-on-purpose Bernie Sanders sitcom sketch at the end of the night? Or will SNL send us to comedy heaven by having Larry David’s Bernie Sanders star in an hour-long revival of The Californians?


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