With Larry David concentrating on the medium in which he inarguably shines the brightest—Broadway—he’s obviously too busy pursuing his own self-interests to pretend to do that for HBO. But as David told moderator David Steinberg during a live conversation in Los Angeles, there’s always the possibility of more Curb Your Enthusiasm to come, even if he has no idea when or even if it will ever happen.

“After eight seasons on Curb, I’m just not sure my ideas are gonna be good enough for a whole season,” David said. “Yes, they will!” someone shouted from the audience, which Variety reports also included three women who asked him for hugs, a man who demanded he autograph his Curb DVD set right then, and a “female comedian” who begged David to have a separate conversation with her “in real life.” Nevertheless, David was very gracious about most of it, saying of the “Yes, they will” guy, “I’ve been heckled a lot, but that was the nicest one.”


And while the devolution of the modern “Q&A” into a live Twitter reply feed—full of shameless attempts at selfies and “Follow back, please!” appeals—would make for at least one decent Curb episode, David’s not so sure. But again, he’s not totally ruling out giving these embarrassing idiots who have no idea how to behave in public what they want. “I feel bad that I don’t have shows for them, and I haven’t given up the hope,” he concluded. And hey, Larry David feeling bad is halfway to a Curb Your Enthusiasm story, at least. Now all he needs is Susie Essman to scream at him until he does something about it.