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LAPD investigates death threats sent to a critic who didn’t like Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel

The internet has introduced a lot of wonderful things to modern society, but surely one of the its biggest downsides (if not the biggest) is the ease with which it allows assholes to send death threats to people they disagree with. It’s not even a new phenomenon, but the popularity of social media outlets like Twitter have just made it easier for people to tell someone with a differing opinion that they deserve to die. In fact, it’s becoming depressingly normal for internet people to throw around death threats to anyone they don’t like, which means that sometimes the most surprising thing is discovering which unexpected hills these guys are willing to die on. (And we know they’re not always guys, but come on.)

Case in point: A critic named Clarke Wolfe had trolls descend on her social media pages earlier this year and threaten to kill over her opinion of Man Of Steel. Yes, the same Man Of Steel that Zack Snyder directed in 2013 and was widely considered to be—at best—fine. People were willing to threaten someone’s life over the “it’s not an S, it’s a symbol that means hope” movie, the “don’t use your superpowers, I’ll just let myself get killed for no reason” movie, and the “Superman just snapped that guy’s neck” movie. Apparently, people are extremely invested in that movie.


Wolfe posted a screencap of a threat on Twitter back in April along with a message saying she had notified the police about it, and now TMZ is reporting that the LAPD has obtained a search warrant to get Instagram records that will help them track down “the person or persons who made the threats.” TMZ also has a video clip of Wolfe talking about Man Of Steel, revealing some of the things she said that somehow warranted these threats on her life. They include shocking remarks like her saying that she “didn’t think the movie was terrible.” Hey, internet? Maybe calm the hell down.

You can see the aforementioned clip below, along with the scene from Man Of Steel where he says the S stands for hope.


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