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Lance Reddick is joining American Horror Story

With the end of Fringe leaving a perfectly good Lance Reddick going to waste—and his commitment to CBS’ midseason, “Josh Holloway has a computer brain!” drama Intelligence making him sadly unavailable for Sleepy HollowAmerican Horror Story has graciously stepped in to fill the Reddick void. Entertainment Weekly reports that Reddick will join Coven as Papa Legba, the Haitian spirit who’s described as a “voodoo Satan,” and who’s therefore an important figure in the life of Angela Bassett’s Marie Laveau, what with her voodoo hobby and all. Reddick reportedly plays a central role in the season’s final four episodes, and has already proven he has what it takes to be in American Horror Story by dealing with the supernatural on Fringe and showing his man ass on The Wire.


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