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Lana Del Rey’s new album is coming in September

There’s not much more you can do with a career in music once James Franco writes a book about you, but as Lana Del Rey isn’t already dead, she might as well keep putting out albums. Her third and latest, Honeymoon, now has a release date after Del Rey cryptically announced the news on Instagram:


Of course, as this is merely a photo of herself on a billboard that sits above a diner, it’s entirely possible she’s just announcing her plans to eat at Mel’s on a particular Friday in September. For many, that announcement might actually spark the same level of (dis)interest as an album release date—although her second album, Ultraviolence, reached No. 1 on the charts, it wasn’t incredibly well received by critics.

Regardless, whatever she’s doing seems to be working well enough for the mainstream music fans of the world, as well as celebrities who write about the real and imaginary conversations they have with her. Both demographics will have plenty of reason to celebrate come September 18.

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