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Lana Del Rey couldn't say her album title at the Apple event because it has a bad word

Photo: Stephanie Keith (Getty Images)

Today, at a big event in Brooklyn, Apple announced a handful of iPad and MacBook things that are all new and exciting in various new and exciting ways, but the real star of the show—for the purposes of this news story—was noted California resident Lana Del Rey. Appearing alongside Jack Antonoff, they performed a new song called “How To Disappear” and the previously released single “Venice Bitch.” Unfortunately, while the little showcase in the middle of an Apple event should be a great chance for an artist to plug their upcoming work, Lana Del Rey had to tell the audience that she wasn’t allowed to say the name of her upcoming album because Apple told her and Antonoff “not to swear.”

Now, we would never go against the wishes of Apple, so we’d also like to protect our readers’ sensitive eyes and ears by not recklessly revealing the bad word that Lana Del Rey wasn’t allowed to say. However, we also don’t want anyone to go to a different website to find out what it is, so we’re just going to list it below anyway.


The album is called Norman Fucking Rockwell, and it’ll be available in 2019. Also, we’re sorry if our use of the word “fucking” has destroyed your innocence. Please don’t tell Apple we disobeyed them.

[via Pitchfork]

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