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Lana Del Rey-Azealia Banks feud escalates to threatening double negatives and sales pitches for soap

Photo: Joseph Okpako (Getty Images), Johnny Nunez (Getty Images)

It’s like we always say: Never fuck with anyone comfortable practicing black magic on world leaders, or who knows where Elon Musk sleeps. That’s the only practical takeaway we can pull from the latest escalation in the social media war between singer Lana Del Rey and rapper Azealia Banks, which has now officially reached the “threats of physical violence via ominous double negative” stage of the proceedings.

As with all things off-putting or upsetting in the pop culture landscape, this whole thing is clearly Kanye West’s fault, with Banks calling Del Rey out after she confronted West about his intermittent, largely hat-based support for her old hexing target, Donald Trump. Del Rey fired back, and things popped off fast:


But despite Del Rey’s threats to not not fuck her the fuck up, Banks didn’t back down, lashing out with a series of tweets denigrating Del Rey’s appearance and also, not coincidentally, hoping to drive business to her soap business, because just because you’re threatening another artist with implausibly escalating violence doesn’t mean it’s not time to push product, too. Banks is well known for getting into massive fights with other famous people on Twitter, and has had to burn multiple accounts in order to keep herself in the social media game.

Anyway, we can only hope that this feud will eventually break out into the place where it belongs—i.e., a supremely pissed off diss track, and possibly some kind of ornery soap.

[via Pitchfork]


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