Despite the evil city of Austin’s attempts to thwart the Little Monsters, Lady Gaga will, in fact, play a ridiculous Doritos-sponsored concert at SXSW. While the show was previously slated to happen in the now-annual 52-foot-tall Doritos vending machine set up in an Italian restaurant parking lot, it will now take place Thursday, March 13, at the 2,000-capacity Stubb’s BBQ.

Because SXSW attendees like celebrities, and a 2,000-person Gaga show is definitely an anomaly, Doritos is making tickets to the show somewhat hard to come by. It’s asking fans to complete “bold”(-ly stupid) “missions” like changing their relationship status online, swapping clothes with a stranger, or tweeting a video of themselves doing the robot. As the concert gets closer, the tasks to earn tickets will get slightly more outlandish and/or inane, with Gaga-ites having to bungee jump to grab tickets, busk on the street for money, or get a “bold” haircut that will probably make them look like an idiot.


Lest anyone think Gaga bought into Doritos’ ridiculous “bold” campaign because Doritos heartily bought into her mansion-owning potential, the singer posted a video on YouTube saying she fully supports “bold” ideas, and that “being an individual and speaking your mind is one of the boldest things you can do.” It’s arguable as to whether that includes speaking your mind about Doritos, but whatever.