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Lady Gaga will be back for the next season of American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Hotel

The cast of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story is kind of like a giant ball of glue, rolling down a hill on a busy city street: It’s confusing, hard to look away from, and, once you touch it, you’re stuck there for the rest of your life. So it’s not entirely surprising to hear that American Horror Story: Hotel star Lady Gaga—who recently won a Golden Globe for her vampish portrayal of the villainous Countess on the show’s just-concluded fifth season—will be back for its sixth, jammed into the ball next to Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates.

We don’t know yet what the setting and tone for that next outing of the anthology series will be—both Murphy and FX president John Landgraf are staying quiet—but we can probably make a couple of guesses, based on what the show’s done before. So far, AHS has covered all of the classic horror movie monsters, like latex murder ghosts, demon nuns, freak show performers, voodoo queens, and sodomy-minded monsters with drill bits strapped to their junk. So we’re guessing the next season will continue the theme and be about, oh, let’s say… mummies. (Although we’d also pay to watch a show about that giant ball of glue.)


American Horror Story returns in the fall.

[via TVLine]

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