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Lady Gaga to debut songs through FarmVille, challenge everything you thought you knew about virtual farming games

Lady Gaga—worshipped by her fans for her willingness to challenge social convention and upend a sleepy status quo with her outlandish artistic statements, albeit in the safest and most crowd-pleasing ways possible—has announced that she will debut songs from her upcoming Born This Way on FarmVille, America’s favorite point-and-click Facebook game. The app that, to date, has solely been used for clogging up your news feed with updates about how your mom found a lost baby cow, or how the weird girl from high school apparently spent three straight hours fake-watering her fake crops in order to find a magic egg or something, will soon be made over by game-maker Zynga as “GagaVille,” where fans will discover “crystals, unicorns, motorcycles” and other so-called “themes” from the album that will allow them to unlock one new song per day between May 17 and 19. Those who take the extra step and purchase a $25 game card through Best Buy will get a full download of the album, plus the chance to win prizes such as attending Gaga’s next video shoot or, perhaps far greater, “a virtual unicorn to decorate their farms,” thereby earning the seething jealousy of those who do not have virtual unicorns decorating their fake farms. Lady Gaga: What will she mildly subvert next?


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