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Lady Gaga to be launched into space

Lady Gaga is reportedly set to become the first professional musician to sing in space. US Weekly, that reliable source that has brought the public hundreds, if not thousands, of Kardashian-related revelations, is reporting that the performance will go down (or up, as it were) at 2015’s Zero G Colony Tech Festival in New Mexico. Gaga will strap herself into a Virgin Galactic ship leaving from Spaceport America on the third day of the festival and will sing one song while technically in space. According to “a source,” Gaga will be accompanied by her “glam squad,” and will have to do a month of vocal training prior to the launch, so as to not totally shred her chords. Another source insists that “Gaga has taken out a ridiculous life insurance policy”—even though blowing up in space would obviously only cement her legacy.

It’s worth noting that Gaga won’t be among the first civilians to go into space—or even the first celebrities. Her flight from the Zero G Colony Tech Fest comes six months after the first Virgin Galactic ship is scheduled to take flight.


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