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Lady Gaga salutes America in her Super Bowl halftime show performance

Though it didn’t have the meme-friendly antics of a dancing shark, the unexpected nudity, or the unnecessary Coldplay-ness of some previous Super Bowl halftime shows, this year’s Lady Gaga performance was predictably Gaga-esque. It started with a weird performance of patriotic songs with Gaga standing on the stadium’s roof while stars formed a flag behind her, and then Gaga descended down from the sky and jumped into the typical Halftime Show medley of hits. Also, other than putting on a sparkly jacket thing and grabbing a keytar for “Just Dance,” there weren’t as many ridiculous Gaga outfits as you might expect. At the very least, a dress made out of literal pigskins would’ve been fun for football’s biggest night.

You can see video of Gaga’s performance below.


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