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Lady Gaga releases a single, very good minute of music from A Star Is Born

Screenshot: A Star Is Born trailer (YouTube)

There is still a little over a week until A Star Is Born hits theaters and, regardless of the quality of the rest of the film, audiences are more than ready to hear Lady Gaga sing these damn songs already. The film’s marketing team has been teasing out little bits and pieces of Gaga’s goosebump-inducing performances over the past few months, but this week she released an extended clip of a fully produced song from the film. If you were already anticipating the movie, prepare to anticipate it more: 


Is That Alright?” appears to be the title of this soaring ballad Lady Gaga shared on social media yesterday, accompanied by a teaser trailer of clips from the movie. Presumably the song—which describes Lady Gaga’s desire to be with someone until the end of her life—is directed at Bradley Cooper’s character in the film, but who’s to say at which point in their tumultuous relationship the song will appear. Is this before or after the titular star is born? How early is this in the gestation period? To be sure, we’ll have to wait until the film premieres on October 5th, which is also the day the soundtrack will be available for purchase.

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