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Lady Gaga is set to join that A Star Is Born remake

(Photo: Getty Images, Neilson Barnard)

For years, Clint Eastwood tried to get a remake of A Star Is Born going with Beyoncé as the lead. He eventually handed the project off to Bradley Cooper, who also wanted Beyoncé as the lead, but—last we heard—nobody had actually offered her the part. That’s a pretty important step in the casting process, but it sounds like Beyoncé was too busy touring by the time the production actually got around to talking to her about it. Now, according to Variety, Cooper has turned to Lady Gaga instead after “meeting with dozens of actresses for the role.” Gaga is reportedly “on board” to star in the showbiz-based remake, with Cooper still set to direct and possibly star opposite Gaga as well.

This A Star Is Born will be based on the 1937 original that starred Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, which is a movie that has already been remade multiple times. Thankfully, the story of an aging actor taking an up-and-coming singer under his wing will always be relevant as long as Hollywood keeps allowing its actors to age and its singers to wish they were more famous.


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