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Lady Gaga donating school supplies to the communities of El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy

Photo: Gotham/GC Images (Getty Images)

In the wake of last week’s mass shootings in Gilroy, California; El Paso, Texas; and Dayton (not Toledo), Ohio, Lady Gaga has announced that she will be donating to classrooms in those three areas. MTV News reports that she posted on Facebook that she’ll be partnering with DonorsChoose.org and her own Born This Way Foundation “to fully fund the classroom project needs in 14 classrooms in Dayton, 125 classrooms in El Paso, and 23 classrooms in Gilroy.”


It’s certainly a generous gesture from Gaga, who ends her post by stressing kindness: “Surviving and recovering from these tragedies also means prioritizing your mental health and checking in on your loved ones… We need each other. Don’t turn away.” But, it’s also another mark on our fucked-up government that these educational necessities are not already supplied to the school, instead having to be funded by an outside benefactor.

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