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Last week, Los Angeles residents adventurous enough to attend a jazz show curated by Fred Durst were treated to a special, albeit incongruous surprise when Lady Gaga unexpectedly took the stage, stealing the slot we assume was meant for the guy from Staind.


As Rolling Stone reports, the Oscar-winning singer grabbed hold of the mic for a quick two-song set Thursday night at the Black Rabbit Rose, a magic-themed bar in Hollywood where Durst organizes a weekly jazz showcase. It may seem like we pulled some of those nouns and adjectives from a hat, but we promise all of this happened and you’re not having a stroke.

For further proof, here is a video someone took.

“I’m here to ruin the party,” Gaga said dryly after taking the stage to cheers from the crowd. “I’m so sorry.” Clearly, no one was upset to see the megastar in such an intimate setting. Backed by the quartet of young musicians, Gaga performed a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Call Me Irresponsible” before transitioning into “Fly Me To The Moon,” both of which have become staples of the jazzier half of her Las Vegas residency show.

Unfortunately, it appears there wasn’t time for Fred Durst to join her one stage for a be-bop rendition of “Break Stuff” or a smooth jazz tribute to Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water. This is a weekly show, though, so there’s always hope for a future collaboration.


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