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Lady Gaga, whose new album is due out at the end of October, will have a huge platform for that new material: She’ll be headlining the Super Bowl halftime show next year. The pop star announced she’d be performing during the portion of the football game for people indifferent to sports on Twitter. Us Weekly actually had this news earlier this month, but the NFL shot down their report saying a “final decision” had not yet been made. Well, turns out Gaga did indeed get the gig.


Gaga—who is currently appearing on American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy’s Twisted Mystery—recently released the first single off of the upcoming Joanne, the rockin’ “Perfect Illusion.” The video for the song subbed in a sort of “arena rock meets Coachella meets Mad Max vibe for the high fashion/art of some of her earlier work.

Who knows what this foretells for game day, but Gaga’s probably not going to skimp on the theatrics.

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