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Lady demands refund as Burger King burns

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We’d like to thank you for clicking on this story. The support, it means a lot. And you were not summoned here under false pretenses; no, not in the least. We are both gratified and somewhat sorry to tell you that we can offer neither more nor less than the headline above promises. Here is a lady demanding a refund from Burger King, as the King itself becomes flame-broiled.


Karen, wow. Look at your life, look at your choices.

If this video looks familiar to you, it’s possible you’ve seen it before—as is the way of so many things on the internet, it looks like it first made the rounds about a year ago. But such things are timeless.

What’s especially infuriating/expected about this is her sneering contempt for fast food workers. We’re not totally sure what her point is, here, because in theory not running into a burning building to retrieve $8 in cash would be a sign of a well-functioning mind, whereas the person demanding someone run into a Flambé King might have her intelligence questioned. So here’s the deal, Cheryl—the only people getting paid enough to run into a burning building are firefighters; no firefighter would brave the flames so that you could get the change from your Whopper Jr. Value Meal and your Oreo Shake; where you work is not an indication of your intelligence or your value; and you should probably avoid large flames in general because that hoodie is absolutely flammable.

Anyway, don’t be a dick at fast food establishments.

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