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Lady 21 Jump Street hires more ladies to write lady jokes

With each passing year, Hollywood movies increasingly resemble Happy Meal toys, down to that inevitable question: boy or girl? Theatergoers fond of ghostbusting will be asked that question, as will fans of the 21 Jump Street franchise, which is making a lady 21 Jump Street that ladies can go see, thus sparing men and women from having to go to the same theater at the same time and risk cooties.


At least Lady 21 Jump Street has hired some top-notch ladies to lady things up. After hiring a pair of Broad City writers to pen a script, producers have also hired Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux, who write for Bob’s Burgers and therefore know from well-written, hilarious female characters. The sisters also wrote Hot Stuff for Dreamworks animation, and their script My Sister Is Marrying A Douchebag ended up on the 2009 Black List of Hollywood’s best unproduced screenplays. (Wendy Molyneux is also responsible for a recent, genius campaign that forced her to go see Entourage for charity.)

However, probably fearing their writers’ periods would sync up or something, producers have separated the two teams, each of which is working on a separate, rival script. No word whether only one will survive or whether the final script will be some combination of the two, punched up by other teams of lady writers.

Male moviegoers need fear not, as this lady movie for ladies will be balanced out by Man-Sized 23 Jump Street For Men, a third installment for the series featuring Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and all the testosterone you’ve come to expect from the man half of the theater. More importantly, there’ll be no chance men will have to interact with ladies, over in their lady theater, watching their lady movies.

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