Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Considering Game Of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie also has a role in the current Star Wars franchise as Captain Phasma, it’s surprising that there haven’t been more mash-ups pairing her fearsome Brienne Of Tarth with space-age wizardry. What would it look like, for example, to see one of the show’s thrilling sword fights executed with lightsabers? Awesome, apparently.

See for yourself below, which reimagines Brienne and Arya’s tense sparring session from last week’s episode with Luke Skywalker’s signature weapon.

It’s an extremely well-made video, especially in its audio editing, which captures not just the trademark whoosh of the lightsaber, but also its electronic warbles and clangs. It also makes us long for a version of this show where lightsabers were real and the White Walkers could just be sliced the hell in half already, but, you know, one thing at a time.


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