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LA, you're on notice: The A.V. Club & The Onion are coming to the Echoplex

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Beautiful people of Los Angeles, reschedule your Botox appointments. Put that anal bleaching on hold. Stop doing whatever other lazy L.A. stereotype we can't think of, and point your Prius in the direction of Echo Park: We're coming to see you.

That's right, the multimedia caravan around our Inventory book is coming to the Echoplex on April 1, and this time we're bringing with us our siblings, The Onion—who have their own awesome book to promote. (Buy them together for a low low price here!) For one night only, staff members from both publications will be on hand to read, show videos, talk, and generally goof around for your enjoyment.

And we won't be alone. Joining us will be Tom Lennon and Ben Garant (of Reno 911!, The State, and a bunch of other stuff), reading their guest lists from Inventory, Important Things With Demetri Martin writer—and former Onion scribe—Megan Ganz, L.A. band Division Day, and others TBA. It's going to be crazy and fun, and you should most certainly come.


More info and tickets are available on the Echoplex website. (Tickets are $10, not $12, as the site says, and we're working on a sneaky discount for you—stay tuned.) We'll also be doing something at the Echoplex's bookstore, Stories, as well. More details as they develop.

We hope to see you there!

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