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We saw a teaser for Showtime’s Penny Dreadful sequel series City Of Angels earlier this year, with a demonic Natalie Dormer stoking the fires of a war for the soul of Los Angeles—and also maybe all of humanity—but there’s a neat trick in this new trailer. For most of its two-minutes, it plays like a prestige drama about a mysterious murder and the start of a potential race war in 1930s L.A. that just happens to involve Nathan Lane. Then Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones shows up, looking like the queen of the goths, and everybody starts dancing and screaming about God and making anguished faces. It’s not quite as openly supernatural as vanilla Penny Dreadful, but it at least looks a little less… silly than something like American Horror Story (which, given the slightly more contemporary setting and the new famous faces that have been slotted in to replace the old famous faces, seems like a fair comparison).

The series premieres on April 26.

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