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L.A. and San Francisco might get their own lumpy George Lucas museums

(Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images)

Having gotten itself repelled by a band of plucky rebels in the form of Chicago’s Friends Of The Parks, George Lucas’ Museum Of Narrative Art has set its sights on the West Coast. Curbed reports that Lucas and MAD Architects have put forward plans for one of two locations for the museum, in either San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Proposed design for the Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art in Los Angeles. (Image: MAD Architects)

As in Chicago, the designs for the museums come from an architectural school we’ve come to think of as “future lumps,” with the L.A. spot utilizing a second-floor design to maximize space in the city’s Exposition Park. (That location picked, presumably, for aesthetic reasons, and not as a tribute to Lucas’ love of long text-crawls full of details about trade embargoes.) Meanwhile, the even-lumpier spot in San Francisco will rest on the city’s man-made Treasure Island, giving Lucas the waterfront locale he was looking for in Chicago, before the people of the city altered the deal, and then altered it even further.

The proposed design for the San Francisco version of the museum. (Image: MAD Architects)

At present, it’s not clear which spot Lucas will ultimately settle on, or how many “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” jokes we’ll have to make before he does.

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