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Kyra Sedgwick to play an ex-nun for HBO

According to Deadline, Kyra Sedgwick has closed (get it? GET IT?) a deal to play an ex-nun on a new HBO series. Sedgwick will star in an as-yet-untitled series produced by The New Adventures of Old Christine’s Kari Lizer, about an ex-nun who decides to walk away from the Catholic Church as well as her marriage after a lifetime of service to both. The show will be a single-camera half-hour comedy, a stretch for the usually drama-oriented Sedgwick; however, Lizer’s last outing won its star, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, an Emmy. Combined with HBO’s prestige status, this could mean a lot of trophies in both women’s futures, as well as a bunch of headlines about Sedgwick being “back in the awards-season habit.”


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