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Adam Driver as Kylo Ren/Randy
Photo: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

The first time The Rise Of Skywalker antihero Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live, he did a funny turn on the mandatory Star Wars sketch when his dourly oversensitive Kylo Ren went incognito among his First Order minions as part of a long-ago, far-away spinoff (or prequel) to late-capitalist propaganda reality show Undercover Boss. It didn’t go well that time, since the imperious Ren is about as thin-skinned as your tortured Sith Lords get, and because nobody in this or any other galaxy looks like Adam Driver. Still, everybody wants to be liked, even murderous, laser-sword-wielding, patricidal would-be Emperors.

With Driver hosting for the third time last night, Ren and the sketch were back, as, this time, the glowering terror took on the disguise of Randy, a First Order intern tasked with menial tasks such as “droid-wrangling,” still dealing with sass-backing stormtroopers, and fetching some of that blue milk that his nemesis Luke Skywalker seems to enjoy. Sadly for Randy/Kylo, things don’t go much better in this attempt at surreptitious worker surveillance, as he can’t control his temper (or his force-pushes—just ask that printer, or that supercilious admiral), and everyone definitely knows exactly who he is. Still, in his second go-round, Ren does actually seem to be trying, as seen in his chance encounter with a weeping co-worker upset the the most evil fascist dictatorship in the galaxy also has some backward-ass ideas when it comes to hiring female TIE fighter pilots. Knowing that only Kylo Ren can change things, he makes a present of a new commission and a shiny pilot’s helmet to his colleague—and then summarily murders her with a lightsaber the second she tells Randy she’s super into Luke. Well, he’s out of parents. Gotta laser-stab somebody. 


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