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Kylo Ren goes on Undercover Boss in SNL’s requisite Star Wars sketch

Saturday Night Live

When NBC announced that Adam Driver would be hosting Saturday Night Live, the world eagerly waited to see what kind of weird Star Wars: The Force Awakens-related gags the writers would come up with. Would they resurrect that old Star Wars auditions routine and have everyone do celebrity impressions? Would Adam Driver sing a song for some reason? Or would they ignore Star Wars entirely and just do sketches about Girls and that Ben Stiller movie?

As it turns out, SNL actually decided to take a different—yet still familiar—path: an elaborate parody of a reality show. In the clip below, Driver reprises his role as Kylo Ren and decides to go on CBS’ Undercover Boss to see how the employees of Starkiller Base really feel about him. Disguised as a guy named Matt, Kylo Ren offers his sympathy to a First Order officer whose son he killed, tells people that Kylo Ren has “an eight-pack,” and beats the crap out of a disrespectful Bobby Moynihan.


It’s a fun sketch, mostly because Driver maintains Kylo Ren’s violent intensity even while the people around him become increasingly suspicious of “Matt.”

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