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Kylie Jenner sued for copyright infringement for the second time this month

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If even half of the accusations of appropriation and infringement leveled against model, reality-TV personality, and member of the Pepsi revolutionary guard Kylie Jenner are true, then maybe she and Shia LaBeouf should go in on a fragrance line called “Faux.” (“Faux,” the two of them whisper into each other’s open mouths, nude on a rocky beach in high-contrast black and white. “Faux,” she repeats, reaching out to touch his chest. He vanishes with a metallic shimmer.)

Less than a month after she and sister Kendall Jenner got sued for basically slapping their names on T-shirts printed with photos of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. and calling them their own, Jenner is once again being sued for stealing another artist’s work. This time around, the offending image is a logo used in the trailer for Jenner’s upcoming E! reality series, Life Of Kylie, which British artist Sara Pope says rips off one of her pieces, Temptation Neon:


Pope is suing both NBC Universal and Jenner personally, but according to TMZ, members of the production team behind Life Of Kylie say that the logo was created by a third party, not Jenner herself. The offending trailer has also been pulled from YouTube as of the time of this writing. It should be noted that this isn’t even Jenner’s first lip-related legal spat; earlier this year, she narrowly avoided getting sued by makeup artist Vlada Haggerty over what Haggerty said was Jenner’s shameless theft of her signature lip-art aesthetic. You’d think these Jenners had an outsized sense of entitlement or something.

[via Complex]

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