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The next time Kyle Mooney and Drew McRary make you go “Ha!” and then go “Huh?”, it might not be at 12:50 on a Sunday morning. The Saturday Night Live duo and founding members of the sketch group Good Neighbor have sold their feature-length comedy, Brigsby Bear, to Sony Pictures Classics. Variety reports that the comedy—which stars Mooney, Claire Danes, Mark Hamill, and Greg Kinnear—was purchased by Sony Pictures Classics for $5 million. The film is being prepped for a summer release.


Brigsby Bear premiered at Sundance Film Festival this week to positive, if slightly befuddled reviews, par for the Good Neighbor course. The film casts Mooney as James, a 25-year-old unexpectedly thrust from his isolated, off-the-grid existence. And the most traumatic part of the experience is that no one he meets in this brave, new world has ever heard of his favorite TV show, a children’s program starring a giant Teddy Ruxpin called Brigsby Bear Adventures. Produced in part by The Lonely Island, Brigsby Bear unites two powerhouses of SNL short filmmaking, and its Sundance buzz hopefully means a movie set in the totally chill, immaculately mispronounced world of Inside SoCal can’t be far behind.

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