Vanessa Bayer's pumpkin is terrifying.

The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live was a lot of things—Tracy Morgan’s return to the comedic screen, a 30 Rock reunion, and Larry David’s debut as Bernie Sanders, for starters—but what it wasn’t was spooky. Although it was the season 41 episode that aired closest to Halloween, the Tracy Morgan-themed episode didn’t really hold that much Halloween-themed content. While that’s perfectly okay, it’s still interesting to see that the show did at least think about airing something creepy in the form of “Not Scared,” a cut-for-time sketch that just hit the internet today. Starring Vanessa Bayer and Kyle Mooney as a couple fresh out of a Halloween party, “Not Scared” features Morgan as VHS-era horror icon Dr. Demon and takes a bloody turn. It’s a shame it didn’t make the show, but at least now it exists online.