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Kyle MacLachlan wants to know which Twin Peaks episode you want to watch with him

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Next Wednesday marks the 30th anniversary of the premiere of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s seminal mind-bending mystery, Twin Peaks, and to celebrate Kyle MacLachlan (a.k.a. Agent Dale Cooper) wants to have a watch-a-long with fans. Unfortunately, MacLachlan is a busy guy and only has time to watch one episode. Yesterday, the actor took to Twitter sporting a gravity-defying hairdo and asked his followers which episode from the show’s first two seasons they would most like to watch.


We’re not sure why MacLachlan excluded the show’s third season, The Return, from consideration, but it might be because everyone would have voted for part eight just to hear his thoughts on the haunting, largely dialogue-free journey into the cosmic underbelly of Lynch’s world. Still, there are more than enough great episodes to choose from in the first two seasons.


There is, of course, the feature-length pilot, in which many of the complex relationships in the sleepy town of Twin Peaks are first established. Then there’s “Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer,” which features Cooper’s first cryptic, prophetic visit to the Red Room. Or there is season two, episode nine, “Arbitrary Law,” in which Laura Palmer’s killer is finally revealed. Or, if you want to get really wild, you can jump all the way to the finale of season two, “Beyond Life and Death,” where we see Cooper venture into the Black Lodge and emerge…changed.

Really, wouldn’t you like to hear Kyle MacLachlan talk about any of the show’s more bizarre elements? The Log Lady, the Giant, BOB, or whatever the hell was going on with that Miss Twin Peaks storyline? Now’s the time to make your voice heard and then settle in for a trip back to the mysterious land of the Pacific Northwest.

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