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Lo, something that’s melted even our cold dark hearts, just a little: Kyle MacLachlan sent out a bunch of personalized Valentine’s Day messages to fans on behalf of other fans who love those fans. He started out by thanking people for telling him all about the people they love, oh god, is it a little dusty in here? It’s dusty, that’s what it is.


First up, one from a name you might know: Daniel M. Lavery, co-founder of The Toast and author of books like The Merry Spinster and Texts From Jane Eyre:

Enjoy astral projection, Lavery household!

This one’s from a sister to her brother and is just very sweet, why is the air so dry in here, does anyone have any eyedrops?


This one, from a daughter to her mom, includes an actual Dale Cooper thumbs-up. Sorry, we were just cutting up several onions, don’t mind us.


There are a few more in here, including one to someone named Allison, and if you’ll forgive this writer for offering some advice, I must tell you that hearing my name at the start of one of these even though it was meant for some other Allison was such a delight that I strongly encourage you to pretend very hard that one of these is actually supposed to be for you. (Swipe through for more videos.)


This all apparently emerged from a little Instagram live chat MacLachlan was doing to promote Carol’s Second Act, so thanks to both that show and Mr. MacLachlan for the tiny oasis of niceness.


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