In an interview with USA Today, Inside Out writer-director Pete Docter revealed that Kyle MacLachlan and Diane Lane have signed on to voice the parents of the main character, Riley (Kaitlyn Dias). Although the Pixar film largely takes place inside Riley’s mind and focuses on different emotions voiced by the likes of Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, and Mindy Kaling, Docter says that Inside Out also will dive into the parents’ heads. The mind of MacLachlan’s character is similar to a NORAD headquarters operated by mustached men, while the mind of Lane’s character “features emotions wearing her red glasses … who engage in civil discussion à la The View.” Because, for all our liberal didacticism, no one has taught anthropomorphized emotions to move beyond gender stereotypes.

According to Docter, “I started out doing a film about growing up, but it turned out it’s a film about me watching my kids grow up.” This is kind of like how his last film, Pixar’s Up, started out about an elderly man going on an adventure to honor his late wife, then became about talking dogs, too. Still, the various elements of Inside Out sound like they fit together nicely: Docter describes a dinner scene that cuts between Riley’s exaggerated inner monologue and her parents’ more realistic emotions, revealing that “what seems like a simple family dinner is actually fraught with all sorts of emotional angst and drama.” Admit it, this sounds a lot better than Cars 3.


[via IGN]