Kurt Cobain’s family is selling the singer’s childhood home in Aberdeen, Washington. The dingy 1.5-story bungalow was last assessed at about $67,000 for tax purposes, but—owing to its Cobain connection—the asking price is a significantly higher $500,000. The family says it would welcome any offers to turn the house into a museum, saying Cobain’s old room still has band names like Iron Maiden and song titles like “Communication Breakdown!” written on the walls. All the holes that a young Cobain made for posters and such are also still there, while the mattress he slept on is "tucked away in a musty upstairs crawl space."

To help sell the house, the family has released a number of photos of its life—and Kurt’s life—in the home, including one of him as a teenager, playing guitar in the aforementioned bedroom. Cobain’s sister Kim says the decision to sell wasn’t easy, but that the “family has moved on from Washington, and [we] feel it’s time to let go of the home.”